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Mint, Sell & Track

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Features and Modules

  • All In One

    NFThunder is a true All In One tool. Mint, consolidate, check rarity, list, track and much more, directly through our user friendly interface

  • Track your progress

    Tracking your assets and profits it’s crucial in the NFTs market, NFThunder lets you analyze multiple parameters directly through the bot

  • Bespoke

    We are focused on offering the most efficient automation on the market, that’s include taking care of single users’ needs, providing 1:1 support, custom modules and informations

  • Constantly Updated

    Pushing an average of 3 updates per week ensures that NFThunder is constantly improving and ready to set a new standard in the market

Features and Modules
  • Ethereum


    Deal with minting, custom modules, whitelist modules and signature drops like a PRO with NFThunder.

    • Contract Minting
    • HYBRID, FAST, SAFE and FLIP modes
    • Transaction Speed-Up module
    • Transaction Cancellation module
    • Wallets Generator
    • Wallets Top-Up(with a single transaction)
    • Sudoswap support with multiple features
    • Coinbase support
    • Wallets Balance Checker
    • Fees Calculator
    • Custom RPC Support
    • Transfer NFTs from multiple wallets to a single one
    • Transaction Queue
    • Quicktask
    • Token mass listing
  • OpenSea


    Automate your secondary plays with our OpenSea module. Snipe, mass bid, check rarity & more.

    • OpenSea Sniper
    • OpenSea Bid Bot
    • Traits sniping
    • IDs sniping
    • ERC-1155 Sniper
  • Solana


    Automate your journey into Solana thanks to our module, choosing among a wide range of platforms & modes.

    • CMv1 & CMv2 minting
    • Whitelist mint
    • Civic Pass support
    • MonkeLabs Launchpad support
    • LaunchMyNFT support
    • Exchange.Art support
    • Spam & Safe mode
    • Quick-Start Extension for stealth drops
    • Multiple Custom RPC support
    • Captcha support
    • Wallet limit
  • Disperse & Consolidate

    Disperse & Consolidate

    Whether you are buying or selling, managing your funds and assets has never been easier.

    • Disperse your funds from one to multiple wallets
    • Consolidate your funds from multiple to one wallet
    • Transfer your funds from one wallet to another
    • Consolidate your NFTs from multiple to one wallet
    • Transfer your NFTs from one wallet to another
  • MagicEden


    From minting to rarity sniping, NFThunder has you covered when dealing with MagicEden.

    • MagicEden Launchpad support
    • MagicEden sniper
    • Traits filter
    • Rarity sniping
  • Premint/Raffles


    Thanks to our module you can store thousands of accounts in one place, ready to hit any Premint & raffle available.

    • Premint support
    • Superful support
    • Alphabot support
    • Google Form support
    • Typeform support
    • Custom raffles support
    • Multi-profile handler
    • Discord handler
    • Discord joiner, verify, leaver and message sender
    • Twitter follow, like & retweet and Tweet
    • Twitter handler
    • Multiple Authentication bots supported
    • Waterfall with custom contract or normal transfer
    • Account generator & verify
  • Rarity


    Accurately gauge the price of your assets through our custom rarity system ensuring the highest turnover.

    • Check rarity of your assets
    • 4 rarity levels
    • Rank & percentage
    • Refresh metadata button
  • Coinbase


    The easiest way to purchase on Coinbase. Proxies, captcha and custom features are managed by the bot.

  • Recur


    Easily use multiple accounts with fully automated handling & support for all available payment methods on the platform.

    • Card, Recur balance & crypto payment support
    • Fully automated login
    • Fully automated checkout
  • Mass Lister

    Mass Lister

    List & sell across multiple wallets at the desired price and duration on multiple marketplaces with few clicks.

    • Mass list your assets
    • List on OpenSea, LooksRare, X2Y2 & Blur
    • Starting price, increment & check price in advance
    • Chose the listing duration
    • Floor price & volume indicators
  • Analytics


    Gather your data through a user friendly interface designed to help you track and analyse your trading journey.

    • Floor price
    • Volume
    • Mint & secondary purchases
    • Amount sold + indicator
    • Profit/Loss
    • Total mint cost
    • Average mint cose
    • Transfer costs
    • Approval costs
    • Fail costs
    • Royalties
    • Average sell price
    • Potential, relized profit & more
  • Sudoswap

    Other Modules

    NFThunder supports:
    • SudoSwap • Polygon • Arbitrum • Canto

All In One!


Mint your preferred NFTs


Check rarity, list & sell


Track your P/L

Alpha Community

1:1 Support

Our team takes care of each member needs and requests through our 24/7 1:1 support


We provide multiple tools to ease your journey such as: Monitors, trackers, rarity checkers, degen bot, contract tool, custom commands, Solana rarity & more.

Alpha Info

Thanks to our experience and community, we regularly provide valuable information full setup channels and analysis.


Let us guide you step by step by reading our guides where you can find an in depth explanation of NFThunder.

Alpha Community


  • What is NFThunder?

    NFThunder is a cross-chain NFT automation and Alpha Community supporting ETH, SOL, OpenSea, MagicEden, Premint, Recur & more.

  • What operating system do NFThunder support?

    We support both Windows and macOS

  • How much does NFThunder cost?

    0.5 ETH monthly renewed. All modules are included.

  • How can I purchase NFThunder?

    You can purchase through a restock or from a groupbuy with one of our partners. Follow us to stay up to date.

  • When do you restock?

    We don’t have settled restock days, join our Discord server where we announce them.

  • How can I contact you?

    Twitter: nft_thunder

  • How do I join your Discord?

    You can join our Discord server here